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Top 7 reasons why YOU should join BPO.

With a dime a dozen networking organizations out there, why should you consider BPO? How is BPO different?

Here are the top seven reasons why YOU should join BPO

1. Break out of the norm:

It is often easy to stay in a group you are comfortable with. When we go out for lunch or go to a party we often gravitate towards people with similar interests, cultural background or in the same industry. BPO helps you break that mind set. We do not restrict attendance based on your country of origin or the industry you work in. We are proud of the fact that our events are attended by a diverse group of professionals and graduate students. Networking should not be restricted to like minded people. To grow and stimulate our grey cells, we need to open our horizons, make friends with a motleyed group of people, and interact with people from all over the world. BPO provides the platform to help you achieve this!

2. Looking for a way to stay in touch with a network?

So you attended an event and introduced yourself to this great contact. Maybe this person is going to help you in your career or maybe you just share similar ideas. You’ve exchanged contact information and you are back home. Now what? How do you stay in touch with this contact without coming off as indigent? This is where we come in. Call them and tell them: “Mr. Jobs (pun intended), there is this networking organization – BPO, that has put together a great mixer event with free entry and free food. I’ve attended their events in the past and I believe this is something you will enjoy too. Would you like to join me to the event?”. Our detailed scientific research has proved that this approach has never failed. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

2. Get involved with the world:

BPO organizes a whole array of events. From Speaker Series, Coaching workshops, Career fairs, Fund Raisers and Charity events, Social & Cultural events, Networking mixers, and Club nights. BPO has also partnered with local schools and is co-hosting events with them. Come meet the future CEOs and entrepreneurs from the New England area.

3. Job platform:

Looking for a job? Looking for someone in the industry? Perhaps you are working at a company that is looking to hire people? Why not attend our events and recruit fellow members – I’m sure you company provides a referral bonus too. It is a win-win situation.

4. Early Bird tickets

Although most BPO events are free, we do charge for some of our events. However, we do announce 90% discounted early bird tickets on our website. Registration is free on the website (read: Bonus reason below). Registered users are the first to know about discounted tickets and get a sneak peek on our upcoming events calendar.

5. BPO Forum

Get involved in the community. Have an interesting article to share? Looking for an opinion on local restaurants? Want to discuss a hot topic? Looking for a roommate? Want to buy/sell something? Head over to the forum where we’ve provided a platform to do all this and much more.

6. Discounts

BPO believes in promoting local businesses and working closely with the local economy. We have been humbled by the support local businesses and service providers have shown us. They too believe in the BPO mission and have, quite graciously, provided BPO members with huge discounts. Head over to our discounts page to view exclusive BPO members discounts.

7. BPO Community

Join the community on the BPO website. RSVP to events. See who else is attending. Add them as friends, send them messages, chat with them. All this and more right from the BPO website!

Bonus reason: FREE Membership

Of course, we couldn’t really stop at seven now could we? We have to throw in that extra bonus reason. The de-facto reason how BPO stands out amongst other networking organization is what it charges for its membership fees. BPO membership is FREE. Yes, you read it right. We do not have any membership charges. One of the basic principles that most “non-profit” organizations believe in is charging a membership fee. BPO begs the question WHY! We turned that principle on its head. We’ve partnered with corporations, service providers and sponsors to cover the cost of events. Our members don’t feel obliged to attend an event just because they’ve paid a membership charge. We believe in the quality of our events and we know that this alone will help bring in the members.

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